Friendly is a word we hear a lot.

And it doesn't just describe our developers. We built PAVE for the company who needs full control of their website content, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to use.

Intro PAVE Video
"Working within PAVE has helped me manage our website content in a much more efficient manner. It is so user-friendly, very little training was needed to show staff how to do their jobs."
- Kris. H at NOREX, Inc.

A suite of tools to get the job done, fast.

PAVE Toolbar

The responsive admin design allows website editing on any device.

Simply log in to your website from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The PAVE admin automatically resizes to fit the browser size of any device.

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On-page edit like a boss.

Edit your pages as you would see them on the site. No more "WYSIWYG" editors, HTML, or confusing styling issues.

PAVE on page editing

Change your content on the fly with on-page editing.

We build custom page templates for each site, so creating new pages is a breeze. Just choose the layout and give your page a title, then you're ready to add content and images. Custom widget and form areas provide a quick way to add dynamic content.

Custom forms made easy.

Create forms for lead generation, contact, or sign ups. The options are endless with a full suite of form fields, thank you messages, and admin recipient options.

PAVE on page editing

Creating a custom form in a snap.

Our set of tools makes creating forms easy. Choose from a number of field types, each with their own set of options. When you're all finished, simply drag and drop the form into place on a page.

Drag and Drop menu management.

Add the pages you need to the menu and our handy drag and drop interface allows quick management of the menu.